Official JGMC Rules & Membership Information

✨ Welcome to Jeep Girl Mafia! ✨

How do I become an member of Jeep Girl Mafia

Becoming a member of Jeep Girl Mafia is simple and inclusive. There's no formal application or membership fee required. All you need to do is identify as female and own a Jeep—any model is welcome! As long as it's a Jeep, you're a Jeeper in our eyes.

To be an official member of JGMC, we ask that you understand and embrace the privilege of membership. Being a part of JGM means accepting and adhering to our club rules and expectations. Ultimately, it's about kindness, support, fun, respect, and uplifting one another.

So, come join us on our next adventure! We're thrilled to welcome you into the Jeep Girl Mafia family. Let's hit the trails together! 🚙💨


🔸 Everyone's part of the family here. No cliques, no exclusions. We've got your back, always! Life gets busy, and family comes first. No pressure to attend every meet. Come when you can, we'll be thrilled to see you!

🔸 We embrace all club members, even if you're part of another Jeep club. It's all about inclusivity and camaraderie! Can't wait to team up for events with other clubs too. We're all in this together!

Official JGMC Rules: 

1. **Spread Kindness:** Treat each other with respect. Let's keep debates friendly and kindness at the forefront.

2. **No Hate Zone:** Bullying and hate speech have no place here. We're all about lifting each other up, regardless of background or identity.

3. **Respect Our Club:** Our banners, logos, and merchandise are special to us. Please respect our ownership and reach out for permission before using or copying them.

4. **Stay True:** We're all about loyalty. No promoting or recruiting for other clubs without approval.

5. **Give, Don't Take:** Be generous in our community. No spamming or self-promotion allowed.

6. **Privacy Matters:** What's shared in our group stays in our group. Let's respect each other's privacy and avoid sharing screenshots.

7. **Keep It Jeep-Related:** No unrelated promotions or sales. Let's keep the focus on our Jeep passions and friendship.

8. **Stay Neutral:** Politics are off the table here. Let's keep the vibe positive and Jeep-focused.

9. **Reach Out:** Need assistance? Use our club emails or website chat for quicker responses. We're here for you!

10. **Safety First:** Members are responsible for themselves and their guests at events. Let's keep each other safe and happy on the road and off.

Together, we're unstoppable! 🚙💨

JGM Member Liability Waiver Release

 By joining, members and participants release and discharge Jeep Girl Mafia and anyone else connected with the club and events from any and all known and unknown injuries, losses, judgements, and/or claims from any causes whatsoever that may be suffered by a participant to his/her property or person. All members are responsible for their guest(s) at each event.