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Flags | 3x5

Flags | 3x5

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Flags take 4-6 weeks to arrive

As of October 25, 2023, our flags have been improved with a "Rip-Proof" technology. Double-sided printing is applied, not reversed on the back. Our flags are created by heat pressing two layers of a cotton blend and a woven fabric that is resistant to rips and tears in the middle. Highly robust, long-lasting, and resilient!

 Flags with grommets are easy to set up onto a standard flagpole.

You can adjust clips or hooks to match the distance with the grommets. Make sure if the flag’s header is pulled tight, and then attaching to mounting rings. Hanging flags onto the wall, with cords, nails, or zip-ties to loop through the grommets, is also a good display choice.


  • You can use a wet cloth to wipe, then gently rinse in cold water. But avoid using bleach, because it may impair the quality of the custom flag’s design.
  • Hang dry it on a taut line or an absorbent cotton towel placed on a flat surface.
  • Also, remember to steam iron your flag or take it to a professional laundry.
  • Most noteworthy please store your flag properly when not used.

Although a custom flag is meant to be worn-out, you can sustain its life by good maintenance.



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