Website Policies: Order Inquiries, Chat Feature, Customer Service Response Time:

Website Policies: Order Inquiries, Chat Feature, Customer Service Response Time:

1. **Contacting Us:** The quickest way to connect with Jeep Girl Mafia is through the chat feature on our website:

2. **Online Hours:** Our chat feature operates from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. During these hours, expect the fastest responses. Messages are answered in the order they are received. If you message outside of these hours, you'll receive a response by the next business day within that timeframe. But we always try to respond as quickly as we can.
3. **Live Agent Availability:** Please note that our chat feature is managed by a two-person team. Responses are prioritized from oldest to newest, ensuring fairness. If you respond to a message from us, we'll reply after addressing messages received before yours.
4. **Response Time:** If you don't receive a response within 48 hours of your initial inquiry, please message us again. Occasionally, messages may not reach our chat feature. If you encounter this issue, feel free to contact us via our club email addresses: or
5. **Email Correspondence:** Emails are monitored within the same timeframe as the chat feature but may not guarantee a same-day response. For the quickest assistance, please utilize our chat feature. While we strive to respond promptly, we cannot assure same-day responses via email.
6. **Policies to Note:** Before reaching out, please familiarize yourself with our policies, especially regarding preorders and order modifications. Once an order is placed, changes or cancellations may not be possible due to third-party vendor involvement. Refer to our return policies for further details.

7. **Human Touch:** Understand that we're human, not automated like Amazon or Target. We're committed to providing excellent customer service while juggling our roles as leaders, parents, and having full time jobs.

8. **Order Inquiries on Social Media:** Kindly refrain from reaching out to our admins via Facebook Messenger for order inquiries. Any such posts will also be redirected to our chat feature or club email addresses as a last resort.

9. **Customer Satisfaction:** In the event of mistakes, we'll do our utmost to rectify them and ensure your satisfaction. We deeply appreciate your support, kindness, and understanding as we strive to serve our amazing members.